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Ways of treating lump under armpit

An armpit lump is swelling under the armpit that feels like a bump. The swelling can be due to cysts, swollen lymph nodes and infections. They can range from a reaction of the body to a new deodorant to cancer cells that has already spread to the armpit. Causes of armpit lumps Swollen lymph nodes Bacterial, fungal or viral infection that develops in the arms or br ...

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Dealing with yellow jacket stings

A yellow jacket is a thin wasp with black and yellow coloring with dark long wings. Yellow jackets live in nests usually in secluded areas or on the ground. Most usually sting as self-defense. A sting can be quite very painful and one can develop serious and dangerous reactions to the venom. In addition, yellow jackets can sting several times. Symptoms of a yellow ...

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Dealing with a deltoid strain

Deltoid strain is a common injury on muscles of the shoulder. It is usually common in people playing sports. The deltoid muscle is a muscle covering the joint of the shoulder. It is divided into three parts which are the anterior or the front part; the middle part and the posterior or the back area. The main function of the deltoid muscle is for abduction or movem ...

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How to treat a nasal fracture

A nasal fracture is a condition of the nose where is a break or fracture of bones or cartilage of the nose. Usually it happens over the bridge of the nose or the septum. Swelling develops on the inside and outside of the nose and dark bruises around the eyes or black eyes. A nasal fracture affects both the bone and the cartilage. A septal hematoma which is a collection of blood can form on the nasal septum. ...

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Managing ankylosing spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis is a type of arthritis affecting the joints of the spine. It is characterized by pain and stiffness of the neck down the lower back. The bones of the spine or vertebrae fuse together and result to a stiff spine. This can be mild or severe and cause a stooped –over posture. Early treatment of the condition may reduce the possibility of deformity. Men are more susceptible to this condit ...

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