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Burns on fingers

Burns of all types can happen anytime in our lives without expecting it. Finger burns are susceptible to men and women while working on the kitchen or working with electrical and mechanical appliances.

The fingers are exposed to many sources of heat especially when using the fingers for touching and holding. Sources of heat that results to burns on the fingers include stove burners, open flames, steam from boiling liquids, chemicals and electrical burns.


  • The superficial burn on fingers only affects the top layer of the skin. The affected area becomes red and sore without blisters.
  • A second degree or partial thickness burn on the finger affects the deeper layers of the skin and causes blisters. The skin becomes shiny and bright red which results to severe pain.
  • Full thickness burns on the fingers involves all the layers of the skin and sometimes the bones can be affected and result to charred looking skin. Full thickness burns does not cause pain because the nerves in the skin are damaged.
  • Burns on the fingers is not a dangerous condition but can result to complications such as infections and contracture or may result to losing a finger.

    The superficial burn on fingers only affects the top layer of the skin. The affected area becomes red and sore without blisters.


  • Immediately wash the burned finger using cold water from tap or from a refrigerator. Cold water helps numb the pain and makes the affected area cool. Hold the burned finger under cool running water and then cover it using sterile bandages.
  • Remove immediately any rings or other items from the burned area before the area swells.
  • Take the prescribed over-the-counter pain medications to help lessen pain and inflammation due to burns such as ibuprofen. Just be careful to take this medication with a full stomach to help prevent an upset stomach.
  • Apply aloe Vera gel on intact skin and blisters for a cooling effect.
  • Avoid breaking the small blisters and if the blisters break. Clean the area using mild soap and water and then apply an antibiotic ointment and cover it using a non-stick gauze bandage.
  • Apply egg whites on the burned skin since it helps in preventing collagen damage and formation of scar as well as for fast healing of the affected area. Beat the egg whites thoroughly and then apply on the skin. Repeat applying by over coating it every few hours and leave it overnight to heal the area.
  • If the affected skin of the fingers is badly charred and the pain is very severe or there is no pain at all, seek medical help immediately.
  • Honey is a natural moisturizing and healing agent and helps heal burned skin and prevent foreign materials and bacteria from getting inside the wound and cause an infection. Honey also helps prevent development of blisters. Apply a coat of organic honey on the burned finger and leave it throughout the day in order to promote fast healing of the area.

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