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Certification Courses for Life Guards


Learn to become a lifeguard through St Mark James training programs.

If you are interested in been a life guard either as a way to have fun while making some money during summer or even as a career, you might want to start by try out the St Mark James Certification Courses for Life Guards. The course gives you a comprehensive hands-on practice with different scenarios on how to carry out your duties and responsibilities as a professional lifeguard.

So, you like swimming, the out-doors or tanning while making some money by the side and have an interest in saving lives then Lifeguarding is perfect for you. The following tips will guide you in your quest of taking a St Mark James Certification Course for Lifeguards:


The requirements to be admitted into the program apart from the obvious which is being a good swimmer are not so rigorous and so is the cost of the training. The minimum for enrolment into the program is usually 15 years of age. Candidate must be proficient in swimming strokes; usually there is always a test of up to 300 yards continuous swimming which may include the front crawl and breaststroke. You should also be able to swim under water for a distance of at least 15 feet.

Standard Training

St Mark James Certification Course for Lifeguarding classes trains lifeguards to be a professional emergency responder to victims of drowning, injury, breathing problems and cardiac arrest. A comprehensive course includes how to rescue victims of aquatic emergencies and also how to prevent these accidents and professional lifeguard techniques. The training also includes primary First Aid skills like CPR, how to administer AED and other First AID tools. You can find a training program in your area, online or call your local St Mark James. The training period usually takes 28 hours to complete and afterwards you get a St Mark James Lifeguard Training, First Aid and CPR certificate which is valid for two years.


Apart from the satisfaction of doing what you like every day and also saving lives, you get to live a healthy life and will be physically fit. Lifeguarding involves a lot of swimming and keeping shape at all times because it is job which demand a lot of physical strength, so you need to be in shape at all times. It is also a great way to socialize and meet people every day even from all over the world.

Job Opportunities

This is guaranteed employments for lifeguards. There are lots of

facilities in need of lifeguards especially during the summer, plus you can also be an independent lifeguard working on contract bases. Working hours are flexible most of the time, which means it can just be a part time job while studying or working two jobs.

Taking the St Mark James Certification Course for Lifeguarding is a life time investment in your job security, needless to say it is a career you enjoy and get fulfilment from saving people’s lives every day you go to work. In summary it is a rewarding and enjoyable career.

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