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Lichen nitidus is a rare skin condition that results from abnormal First Aid Coursesinflammatory activity in the skin cells, which generally features tiny, skin-colored, glistering bumps on the surface of the skin.

Lichen nitidus is a condition that rarely causes discomfort since it clears up on its own without any treatment. This condition may affect anyone, although it typically develops in children and young adults. The condition does not in any way increase the risk of skin cancer neither is it an infectious disease that can be spread from one person to another.

Lichen nitidus signs and symptoms

Lichen nitidus exhibits the following symptoms: the size of the bumps range in size from pinpoint to pinhead, bumps are usually the same color as one’s skin but may be slightly pink on people with lighter skin or lighter than normal skin color on people with darker skin.

The bumps are flat topped and round in shape and commonly occur on the abdomen, chest and arms and in the genital areas. Nonetheless, bumps rarely occur in the soles of the feet, palms, fingernails or on mucous membranes. They also tend to clear up at one site of the body but then appear at another. The bumps of lichen nitidus sometimes itch intensely and may appear in line where there is a scratch, crease or any even pressure on the skin.

When to seek medical attention for lichen nitidus

It is advisable to see a doctor immediately when one experiences fever, pus or oozing from a rash or if rash-like condition appears on one’s skin for no perceptible reason, such as a known allergy. A prompt and accurate diagnosis is required because a number of other conditions can cause skin reactions.

Lichen nitidus causes

The causes of lichen nitidus still remain unknown and the papules that are seen are the result of inflammation controlled by white blood cells in the body which become active at the site of an injury.

Lichen nitidus cases are normally associated with other diseases since it is rare and most information about the disorder is usually known from individual cases or small studies as opposed to large studies that can produce more reliable information. The disorder is thus, may be associated with other diseases like lichen planus and tuberculosis.

Lichen nitidus treatment

It is a harmless condition that does not result in long term skin problems but the appearance of lichen nitidus may cause a person to be self-conscious or embarrassed. Most cases of this condition are known to last for a few months to a year and clears on its own without treatment. After clearing up, the skin is usually normal with no scarring or any permanent change to skin color. If lichen nitidus causes itching or if one has concerns about a child’s appearance, prescriptions from a doctor on the bet treatment becomes necessary.

Generally, the condition is asymptomatic and self-limited, requiring no treatment. However, if lichen nitidus interferes with the daily activities of a person or his or her outlook, immediate treatment should be sought.

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