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Different Types of First Aid Courses

When registering for first aid and CPR courses Canadian customers have the option of selecting from 3 different major first aid courses. It can be a difficult experience registering for first aid and CPR courses when customers have a variety of courses to choose from. This article will outline the differences between the three major first aid and CPR courses available to Canadians. All first aid courses inc ...

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Mouth to Mouth CPR

First aid and CPR course and re-certification standards change approximately every 5 years. These changes are recommended through a large statistics and research group called the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). A lot of focus in the past few years has been on compression only CPR. This strong focus on compression only CPR has cause many instructors and rescuers to sway away from mo ...

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Sudden Medical Emergencies

Caring for loved ones requires patience, dedication and knowledge. Whether the person you care for is older or younger, it is best to prepare yourself with scenarios they may experience whether or not it is expected for their age group. For example, fainting is caused by an unexpected decrease of blood flow towards the brain. What causes the decrease of blood flow is a variety of factors but particularly af ...

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First Aid for Burns

Whether you are at work, at home or strolling around town, it is important to be prepared and educated for dangers and scenarios that may occur. While you may prepare and avoid danger in your personal lifestyle, it is impossible to prepare for the unpredictable situations throughout your day. While we take precautions, it is estimated that 40% of all burns occur at home. Up to 500,000 burn incidents occur p ...

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All First Aid Courses Include CPR

Many people are required to be certified in CPR or first aid for academic or workplace purposes. Many candidates believe that they need to register for two separate courses, one for first aid and they other for CPR. Fortunately, all of the major Canadian first aid providers that offer credible awards, include CPR training in all of the first aid courses.  Each first aid course typically gives candidates the ...

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First Aid Course Updates 2012

All of the major providers that offer basic first aid courses change the course curriculum approximately every 5 years. In 2011, all of the major providers, including St Mark James, the Lifesaving Society, the Heart and Stroke Foundation and St. Johns, changed the first aid and CPR standards offered in all of the courses. All providers essentially offer the same first aid and CPR program and improve the pro ...

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