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Are you prepared with First Aid Training

Successful candidates of first aid training are given the knowledge and self-esteem to deal with many different substantial and almost unsubstantial emergency situations. How would you act if somebody was struggling inhaling and exhaling? Could you recognize somebody that is choking and also realise what you should do? Can you imagine if you encountered a friend, family member or loved one lying unconscious ...

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Injury Information and Prevention for First Aid

Part of first aid and CPR instruction is to teach participants and candidates to prevent injuries as well as care for patients with them. A significant number of first aid scenarios are caused due to injuries or trauma. Due to this high number of emergencies all major first aid providers in Canada ensure participants receive a significant amount of training in injury management in all of the first aid progr ...

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First Aid: Diabetic Management

Participants that attend first aid training will learn to manage several different emergency scenarios. One of the most difficult emergencies to recognize is that of diabetic emergencies which have patients fall into two categories. Patients can either have too little sugar (hypoglycaemia) in the system or not be able to process it (hyperglycaemia). This article will go into detail about patients with diabe ...

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Seizure Management

Question: Will you be capable of going through some elementary measures for convulsions? We assist youth with autism and some of the youth experience convulsions. The information posted in answering this question is for educational purposes only. Learn the basics in managing and treating patients with convulsions and seizures by taking first aid classes through St Mark James. Sufferers of seizures are gener ...

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