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First Aid for Animal bites

An animal bite can be very infectious; therefore you should seek medical help, promptly. An animal bite may give rise to rabies if a non-immunized pet or a stray animal such a dog, bat, skunk, fox or raccoon bites you. Frequent cases of animal bites include those caused by domestic pets; therefore, it is ideal that you get your pet vaccinated. Symptoms A bruise or a puncture wound Breakage of the skin [capt ...

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Recognizing and Managing Asthma Emergencies

When we breathe, air is channelled into our lungs via branching airways. People who have asthma are often prone to suffer from breathing problems if they are exposed to certain triggers such as cigarette smoke or even dust, due to their sensitive airways. Their airways respond to the trigger by constricting and making it hard for the casualty to breathe. [caption id="attachment_363" align="alignright" width ...

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