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Knee joint pain

Knee joint pain can be caused by knee tendonitis, knee bursitis, osteoarthritis of the knee and torn ligament or cartilage. Pain in the knee can be caused by injury from sports and the natural aging process where osteoarthritis of the knee or knee tendonitis can develop. Always bear in mind that knee tendonitis is a common knee injury. [su_youtube url=""]https://ww ...

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A bunion is a hard lump that develops inside the edge of the big toe and causes the joint to become enlarged which adds pressure on all the toes. This will cause the big toe to thrust forward and cause pain, redness and thickening of the skin and there is also the development of calluses and limited movement. [su_youtube url=""] ...

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Keratin accumulation under the toenails

Keratin is a type of protein that can be found in the hair, nail and the outer layer of the skin and also helps the nail become strong and hard. Accumulation of keratin under the toenail makes the nail discolored, distorted and brittle. [su_youtube url=""][/su_youtube] Accumulation of keratin can happen in fingernail and t ...

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Shin tightness during running

Shin tightness can cause pain and difficulty while running and walking. Beginner runners and those who have weak leg muscles are susceptible for muscle fatigue and cramping. In addition, running on hard surfaces and wearing improper footwear can cause cramping and tightness of the shin muscles. [su_youtube url=""][/su_yout ...

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