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How to treat a dislocated shoulder

A dislocated shoulders causes pain and result to a short period of disability. Movement of the shoulder joint is limited until it is restored. The shoulder is prone to dislocation because they are the most mobile joints in the body. When an individual fall on an outstretched arm, it puts the joint in an uncomfortable position. Ideally, a dislocated shoulder should ...

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Management of stress fractures of the foot

Stress fractures are small cracks or severe bruising within a bone. Stress fractures are due to overuse and repetitive activity which are usually common among people participating in running sports such as basketball and soccer. A stress fracture can also develop if there are changes in a new exercise, sudden increase in the intensity of the workouts or changes in ...

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Remedies for asthma

Asthma is a chronic condition that causes inflammation and narrowing of the bronchial tubes and the passageway of the air that enters and leave the lungs. Those who have asthma and end up exposed to the elements that changes their regular breathing patterns can cause the symptoms to worsen. Asthma that is not properly treated begins with mild symptoms such as coug ...

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Sudden cardiac arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest involves an abrupt and unexpected loss functioning of the heart, breathing and consciousness. It usually happens due to an electrical disturbance in the heart which causes disruption in the pumping action and disrupts with the circulation of blood in the whole body. Cardiac arrest is different from a heart attack which happens when the flow o ...

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