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How to deal with eyelid twitching

Eyelid twitching is a recurring, spontaneous spasm of the eyelid muscles. The twitch usually happens in the upper lid, but can also happen to both upper and lower eyelids. These spasms are mild just like a minor yank on the eyelid. Sometimes, the spasm is strong that it drives the eyelid to close completely. The spasms happen every second to a minute or two, somet ...

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Remedies for flea bites

Flea bites on humans are usually caused by cat or dog fleas. The bites are in clusters or large groups. Some individuals are sensitive to their bites and susceptible to develop hives that appears like reddened bumps on the affected area. Fleas from dogs and cats usually bite on the knee and ankles and sometimes on the forearms. They can also bite around the waist, breasts, armpit, and groin and in the folds ...

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How to care for a stubbed toe

A stubbed toe is a common injury on the foot in both children and adults usually due to walking barefoot, colliding with hard surfaces or a piece of furniture. Most cases of stubbed toe are not serious. Sometimes, it can result to toe fracture, contusion, ligament strain, dislocation, injury to the tendons and soft tissue injury. Stubbed toe in children especially ...

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How to treat adenoiditis

Adenoiditis is the inflammation of the adenoids which are mass of tissues found along the tonsils that traps germs that passes through the mouth or nose. Inflammation is caused by bacterial or viral infection. Adenoids produce antibodies that fight infections. As the person becomes older, the adenoids become less important because the body can eliminate infections ...

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