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Ways on treating trapezitis

Trapezitis is inflammation in the trapezius muscles which result to pain and spasms in the neck. People working at desk using computers and performing physical labor or excessively using their neck and muscles are susceptible to this condition. The trapezius muscles stabilize and secures the shoulder blade at the thorax and function in moving the shoulder blade me ...

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Dealing with scarlet fever

Scarlet fever is an infection that develops in people who have strep throat. It is caused by the group A streptococcus bacteria. When the bacteria release toxins, symptoms of scarlet fever will develop. Scarlet fever can be transmitted from human to human by fluids from the mouth and nose especially when coughing or sneezing.  The bacteria can become inborne and c ...

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Remedies for groin injury

Groin injury can happen from a direct blow, fall, stabbing injury and leg being turned in an abnormal way. The groin can be pulled or torn while performing exercises such as skating, running and kicking in soccer and basketball. The groin muscle can be strained while pushing, lifting or pulling heavy objects and falling from a height. Groin injuries are usually du ...

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How to treat eye fatigue

Eye fatigue is the same as an eye strain or tired eyes. Eye fatigue varies from person to person and on the daily regular activities. Causes of eye fatigue Dry or rough feeling can be felt in the eyes Reduced blinking or low blink rate Side effects of medications Chronic disease Some underlying medical conditions Symptoms [caption id="attachment_1500" align="align ...

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