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How to treat torn abdominal muscles

A torn abdominal muscle or abdominal muscle strain is characterized by damage to the internal structures of the muscles of the abdomen. The tear can be partial or complete. The abdominal muscles are located around the abdomen and the trunk and form the center muscles of the body. Causes Overuse of the abdominal muscles from regular daily routine at work or at home ...

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Remedies for cockroach bite

A cockroach bite can trigger a reaction in some individuals. Cockroaches eat both meat and plants and belong to the category of omnivores. They usually bite the feet, hands, eyelashes and fingernails. A cockroach bite can cause irritation, swelling and lesions and sometimes it can cause infections. Cockroaches do not usually bite humans being except in situations ...

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Remedies for chronic rhinosinusitis

Chronic rhinosinusitis is a condition in which the cavities in the nasal passages or sinuses is inflamed and swollen for at least 12 weeks. It interrupts with drainage and result to the accumulation of mucus. There is difficulty breathing through the nose, the eyes and face is swollen and there is facial tenderness and pain. Middle-aged adults and young people are ...

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Treating a deep scrape

A scrape is a wound that does not go all the way through the skin but a deep scrape can cause severe pain and bleeding. This happens when the skin is inadvertently damaged or worn out such as hitting against a hard object, falls and being wounded by sharp objects such as knife. Some people are susceptible to these injuries such as children. They can have minor ski ...

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Treatment of an ankle sprain in children

An ankle sprain involves the excessive stretching of one or several ligaments that are connected to the ankle bones. Ligaments are stretchable bands connected to bones that function in joint movements. It is a common injury in children. The ankle can be twisted by playing sports such as running, jumping or falling on the foot in a strange way and result to injury. The ankle can be twisted inwards or outward ...

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