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Ways of treating back spasms

Back spasms are an involuntary contraction or tensing of the lower back muscles. It is characterized with mild discomfort and gradually becomes severe and cause difficulty with movement. Back spasms are caused by torn or overworked muscles and result to inflammation. The inflammation causes the muscles to tighten and contract. Symptoms of back spasms Shooting or s ...

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Treatment for ganglion cyst in the wrist

A ganglion cyst is the common lump or mass in the wrist. They are harmless and not cancerous. They can also form in other areas of the body, but they usually form at the back of the wrist. The cyst is filled with fluid, can just disappear, appear and changes in size. The cyst sometimes can result to pain and interferes with movements. Ganglion cyst is usually oval ...

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Dealing with heel pain

Heel pain a common condition that usually affects the underside or the back area of the heel. It is caused by plantar fasciitis which is pain at the bottom of the heel or it can be caused by Achilles tendinitis which is pain at the back of the heel. Pain develops gradually and usually severe in the morning upon waking up. Causes of heel pain Wearing flat foot wear ...

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How to treat interstitial cystitis

Interstitial cystitis is a bladder disease. It is characterized by persistent pelvic pain and insistent need to urinate usually all day and night and sometimes 50 times every day. Pain can be felt while the bladder fills up and relieves after urinating. Sometimes symptoms of interstitial cystitis have similarities with the symptoms of urinary tract infections but ...

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