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Cone snail sting

A cone snail sting is caused by the dart-like tooth on the cone snail which contains a rapid-acting venom that is used to capture its prey. Most of the stings occur on the hands and fingers due to handling. What are the signs? Mild cone snail stings are like a bee or wasp sting where burning and stinging symptoms are present. They can also be intense and have numb ...

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Broken finger

A broken finger is a condition where one or more bones that make up a finger are broken from injury mostly caused by force or trauma to the finger. Finger injuries are common and can happen in everyday activities at any time, a finger injury can vary in severity ranging from a simple bruise to multiple broken bones and dislocations in the finger. Finger injuries a ...

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Chest injury

A chest injury occurs after the result of an accident or intentional penetration of a foreign object into the chest. A chest injury can also lead to chest wall injury which causes rib bruises or fractures and lung or heart contusions. A chest injury comes in different severity accompanied by different signs and symptoms. A minor chest injury is usually accompanied ...

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Poison ivy rash

Poison ivy rash is caused when your skin encounters the oily resin found in plants including poison ivy. This is caused by an allergic reaction to the oily resin called urushiol. This oil is present in the leaves, stems, and roots of the plants. It is important to wash your skin away after you've being exposed with the oil unless you are not sensitive to the oil. ...

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Blunt head trauma

Blunt head trauma happens when a blow or heavy force is applied to the head and can result in serious damage to the brain. Depending on the severity of the force or blow to the head, the damage can range from a minor bump to a severe brain injury. Most blunt head traumas occur due to automobile accidents. Even if the head trauma does not result in an open wound, t ...

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