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First aid for black eye

A black eye is caused by bleeding that occurs under the skin surrounding the eye. The injury can sometimes it indicate intensive damage, possibly a fracture to the skull especially when the area found around both eyes is discolored or the individual sustained a head injury.

Some cases are not serious, but if there is an injury to the eyeball, it can cause bleeding inside the eye. Bleeding in the front part of the eye is called hyphema which is a serious problem that can affect the vision and cause damage to the cornea which located at the front of the eye.

A black eye is due to a facial injury or head injury which occurs when blood and other fluids start to build up around the eye. This results to swelling and discoloration of the injured area. In some cases, it can indicate a serious injury that needs medical attention.


Black eye

The common symptoms of black eye include pain, swelling and discoloration.

The common symptoms of black eye include pain, swelling and discoloration. In the beginning, it will be slightly discolored and later on becomes dark. The skin turns into dark violet in color then change to yellow or green when the affected area starts to heal. Oftentimes, when the discoloration and swelling becomes worse, the eye may be closed due to the swelling while the vision is blurred.

A black eye can also be caused by an injury to the eye or nose. If there is an injury to the nose, both eyes will swell and become discolored due to the nasal injury which causes fluid to build up simultaneously. Some severe symptoms include forgetfulness, changes in behavior, changes in vision, nausea and vomiting as well as dizziness. Sometimes, there is persistent and severe pain as well as signs of infections. Once these are present, there is possibility of serious injury that entails medical attention.

Treatment and home remedies

  • Apply an ice pack over the affected area but avoid pressing it over the affected eye though.
  • Provide the individual with acetaminophen to reduce the pain.
  • Continue to apply an ice pack over the affected area several times a day for 1-2 days.
  • After 1-2 days, apply a warm compress to the affected area to hasten the healing process.

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When to seek medical attention

  • The individual is experiencing severe pain
  • There is blurry vision, double vision or vision loss
  • If it is a serious eye injury
  • The eyeball does not appear normal
  • The skin that surrounds the affected eye is wounded or there is a cut in the eyelid

Preventive measures

The best way to prevent a black eye is to ensure that the house is clear of debris that can cause tripping and falling. Always wear protective head gear when playing any kind of contact sports and avoid being involved in fighting.

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