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ischiogluteal bursitis

ischiogluteal bursitis

Ischiogluteal bursitis is a condition that is characterized by tissue damage and inflammation to the ischiolgluteal bursa causing pain in the buttock.

Ischiogluteal bursitis refers to an injury involving the inflammation of the ischiolgluteal bursa. A bursa refers to the small sac filled with lubricating fluid which is intended to reduce friction between neighboring soft tissue layers. The bursa can be inflamed on its own or in concurrence with hamstring tendinitis or irritation of tendon which has the same symptoms.

Bending the knee and straightening the hip during jumping, running, kicking or any other activity is the function of hamstring muscles. Tension is thus placed through the hamstring tendons during contraction of the hamstrings and this in turn, places friction on the ischiolgluteal bursa. It is this excessive forces, irritation and inflammation of the ischiogluteal bursa that brings about this condition known as ischiogluteal bursitis.

Ischiogluteal bursitis Causes

Ischiogluteal bursitis may be caused by trauma as a result of too much repetitive movement or knock to the area for instance, an awkward fall. Besides, an injury can cause blood to leak into the bursa leading to bursitis. Infection in the bursa which usually occurs in joints that are located closer to the body surface and crystal deposits can also form around the joints when too much uric acid is in the body; causing ischiogluteal bursitis.

Ischiogluteal bursitis Symptoms

Symptoms of ischiogluteal bursitis tend to be similar to those of hamstring tendon inflammation and include pain when stretching the hamstring, pain and tenderness at the ischial tuberosity, pain when one is flexing the knee against resistance, pain that is motivated by sitting and a gradually onset of pain following a sprinting session.

Ischiogluteal bursitis Treatment

In most cases, this condition can be treated by simply resting the affected area of the body and treating the swelling by putting an icepack on the swollen area. However, it is worth noting that anytime an icepack is used, it should be wrapped in a cloth so that it doesn’t harm the skin.

In case where there is increased pain and swelling, it is advisable to visit a doctor for medication

To those whose bursitis has been caused by infection, the doctor shall prescribe the correct antibiotic to fight the infection and such antibiotics should relieve pain in a few days.

Ischiogluteal bursitis Home remedies

In order to prevent the recurrence of this condition, or when one has been infected with ischiogluteal bursitis, certain physiotherapy treatment is necessary to hasten the process of healing. They comprise stretching, use of crutches, ice or heat treatment, joint mobilization, exercises to improve strength, flexibility and core stability, education, anti-inflammatory advice and soft tissue massage.

In conclusion therefore, ischiogluteal bursitis is a condition whose symptoms tend to be quite similar to those of hamstring tendon inflammation thus, prevention is the key in order to relieve the associated pain.

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