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Remedies for neurodermatitis

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Neurodermatitis is a condition of the skin where it begins with a patch and severe itchiness of the skin. It is marked by an itch-scratch-itch cycle and hard to prevent. Neurodermatitis is also called lichen simplex common in adult women. The itch-scratch cycle will result to thick and leathery skin and usually happens in the wrist, forearm, ankle and thigh.

Symptoms of neurodermatitis

  • A raised, rough patches that are colored red or darker than the skin.
  • An itchy patch of skin
  • Scaly or leathery texture of the affected skin.
  • The itchiness just comes and goes or can be non-stop.

If the individual could not stop scratching the same area of the skin, pain can be felt on the skin and becomes infected, seek medical help immediately.


Neurodermatitis can be caused by something that rubs or irritate the skin such as insect bites and wearing tight clothing. Rubbing or scratching the area will only make it itchier. Sometimes, it can also be due to certain skin conditions such as dry skin, psoriasis or eczema. Stress and anxiety can also trigger the itchiness.


Placing a cold compress on the affected area relaxes the skin and lessens the itchiness and then apply a medicated cream on the skin.

Women ages between 30 and 50 years old are more susceptible to develop neurodermatitis.


  • Avoid rubbing and scratching the affected area to prevent the condition from getting worse.
  • Apply cool and wet compresses. Placing a cold compress on the affected area relaxes the skin and lessens the itchiness and then apply a medicated cream on the skin.
  • Apply an over-the-counter anti-itch cream or lotion on the affected area. Apply hydrocortisone cream relieves the itchiness momentarily.
  • Take the prescribed oral histamine such as diphenhydramine to lessens the itchiness and improve sleep at night time.
  • Cover the affected area using bandages or dressings to protect the skin and prevent scratching of the area, especially during sleeping.
  • Keep the nails short to minimize damage on the skin, especially when there is a tendency to scratch while sleeping.
  • Take cool baths and sprinkling the water with baking, uncooked oatmeal or colloidal oatmeal to minimize the itchiness. Use soaps that does not contain dyes or perfumes. After taking a bath, apply unscented moisturizers for lubrication and protect the skin.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes and rough clothing instead wear cotton clothes to prevent irritation on the skin.
  • Avoid being stressed out
  • Perform some relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga to minimize the itchiness.
  • Wrap ice cubes in a towel and apply on the affected area to lessen the itching and prevent scratching of the area.
  • Spoiled milk can also be used in treating neurodermatitis. Place milk in a warm area and let it spoil. Strain the milk after 1-2 days and keep it in a jar. Use the resulted whey to pad the itchy parts at least 3 times every day. Whey is the remaining liquid after the milk has been strained and curdled.
  • Mix a cup of apple cider vinegar and 2 cups water. Soak a piece of cloth on the mixture and apply on the affected areas of the skin to lessen the itching.
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