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Ways of treating a sprain in children

A sprain happens when the ligament which is the elastic tissue connecting two bones, will over stretch or tears partially or completely. Children are susceptible to get a sprain because they perform lots of physical activities such as jumping, running and playing but they can also be sprained from accidents such as getting hit by moving objects. Generally, sprains can happen in any areas of the body where t ...

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Treating a sprained ankle

A sprain is stretching or tearing of ligaments which are a band of fibrous tissue that function in connecting one bone to another in the joints and the most commonly affected is the ankle joint. A joint sprain happens when the ligaments or tendons are stretched in unnatural directions like a trauma and an awkward movement that is common in athletes. Being overweight and having weak muscle will put an indivi ...

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Neck sprain

The neck is comprised of seven bones from the spinal cord that are connected to one another by the ligaments and the muscles. A neck sprain can occur in any of these tissues during abrupt movements, such as a hard fall or vehicular accident that causes the neck to bend in an extreme position. Depending on how the neck sprain was incurred, it is best to consult a doctor if the discomfort and pain can disrupt ...

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