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Taking First Aid Courses to Manage MMT

According to the Canadian Public Health Association, Methadone Maintenance Treatment or MMT is highly safe and effective for patients who have developed dependence towards opioids. It is the goal of this treatment to rehabilitate opioid abusers and eventually achieve a normal life. However, recent studies show that taking first aid courses important for individuals who are taking care of or surrounded by people who are undergoing this type of drug abuse treatment.

MMT is one of the most popular treatment for opioid abuse

First Aid Courses for MMT

First Aid Courses for MMT

According to the statistics that was released by the Canadian Institute for Health Information for 2003, more than 22, 000 out of 83, 000 illegal opioid users received treatment for their addiction all over Canada while others received rehabilitation and detoxification from other healthcare facilities. There are also those who only received out-patient treatment for the complications of their addiction without getting direct treatment for their drug dependence problems. This means that MMT is one of the most commonly used modes of treatment for opioid dependence in Canada even though the number of patients who receive this treatment greatly vary according in different provinces.

This is why individuals who are taking care of opioid-dependent patients should learn about the different first aid interventions that are useful for dependents who will be going MMT from the moment that they find out about the drug abuse.

MMT can last for less than a year

In a study that was published by the Journal of the Royal Institute of Public Health, many patients who receive MMT attain sobriety or cleanliness from their addiction after about a year. During this period, guardians and healthcare providers would need to be on the lookout for the normal medical problems and health risks that are associated with withdrawal and substance abuse which are highly likely especially for patients who are receiving this treatment for the first time.

MMT can be delivered in different facilities

Unlike rehabilitation, MMT can be delivered on different facilities other than hospitals. Patients who may seek this treatment in the clinics or offices of their physician, community general health clinics and even community pharmacies. This means that patients are exposed to the common health complications that can be caused by withdrawal or their dependency since they are not strictly monitored by healthcare professionals. By taking first aid courses, guardians or loved ones of people who are receiving MMT can confidently take care of patients even if they are not confined at a healthcare facility or if they are just receiving several hours of treatment per day.

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