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Treating milia

Milia are cysts filled with keratin that are found near the cheeks, eyes, nose and the forehead. They are caused by the buildup of dead cells and results to the clogging of the pores. Infants are affected by milia at birth and usually disappear on its own. Milia do not cause any pain or discomfort, but for adults, it affects their self-image. Adults infected by milia needs to be treated.

Milia appears as small white bumps that develop across the nose, chin and cheeks of the baby.

Symptoms of milia

  • Milia can be found in the chin, nose and cheeks of the baby and sometimes develop in other areas such as the upper trunk and limbs
  • Development of bumps on the gums or roof of the mouth of the baby which is known as Epstein pearls.
  • Some babies develop acne, bumps and pustules on the cheeks, forehead and chin which happen without milia.

If the complexion of the baby does not clear up within 3 months, seek medical help immediately.



Milia can be found in the chin, nose and cheeks of the baby and sometimes develop in other areas such as the upper trunk and limbs

  • Wash the skin of the baby using warm water and pat it dry using a soft towel every day. Warm water relaxes the pores.
  • Apply an exfoliating moisturizer for milia with dry skin. The moisturizer lessens the accumulation of dead cells of skin below the skin and exfoliates the skin in releasing the accumulated dead cells. Use a moisturizer that has Vitamin A and does not contain heavy oils.
  • Honey is a good moisturizer and antioxidant for the skin. Apply honey directly on the skin and let it remain at least 15 minutes and then rinse. Apply honey on the affected area every day until the condition clears up. Another way is mix a 2 tablespoons of honey and a tablespoon of jojoba oil and mix well. Apply this mixture on the skin at least for 20 minutes and then rinse. Perform this procedure 3-4 times every week. Make a scrub by mixing 2 tablespoons of honey, 3 tablespoons of oatmeal and a tablespoon of sugar and mix them well. Scrub the affected area using this mixture for a few minutes and then rinse. Perform every week until the bump is eliminated.
  • Sugar scrubs aid in exfoliating the skin. Mix 2 tablespoons of sugar and squeeze juice from ¼ to ½ lemon and then mix them. Apply it on the face and scrub. Let it remain on the skin for a few minutes and rinse at least 2 times every week.
  • Retinol has exfoliating properties that keeps the skin clear and soft. Retinol can be applied directly on the affected area. Apply a pea-sized drop of retinol to the affected area of the face every other night. Wash the face and wait for 30 minutes before applying retinol on the face. Avoid applying retinol on the upper eyelid to prevent irritation and making the condition worse.
  • Avoid exposing the skin to direct sunlight as much as possible. Wear a hat to provide shade to the face. Apply a sunblock specially formulated for facial skin care.

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