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Treating pitcher’s arm

A pitcher’s arm is the soreness in the upper arm and shoulder area due to muscle fatigue. The pitcher is the most influential and active player on the field in a baseball game but repetitive throwing causes pain and soreness.


  • Take plenty of rest especially the affected arm for at least a few days to weeks for fast healing of a sore muscles. Soreness is a symptom that the muscles is over-stressed and suffering from micro-tears. Pitching with sore muscles increases the risk of causing injuries on the shoulder or elbow. Follow the required limitations for pitches or innings and rest between outings to lessen the soreness of the muscles.
    pitcher’s arm

    Apply ice pack on the affected area for at least 15 -20 minutes and rest the skin to allow it to return to the normal temperature and then reapply again.

  • Apply ice pack on the affected area for at least 15 -20 minutes and rest the skin to allow it to return to the normal temperature and then reapply again. Another alternative is using bag of frozen vegetables such as corn or peas is good for the condition. Avoid ice directly on the skin. Wrap ice using a towel of a thin cloth before applying to the area to prevent further damage and worsen the condition.
  • Compress the affected arm especially if there is swelling. Compress the area using compression stocking or ACE bandage. Avoid wrapping the area too tight to prevent problems with circulation.
  • Elevate the affected area above the level of the heart to lessen the swelling and for fast healing of the condition. While sitting place the arm in couple of pillows to keep it elevated.
  • Take the prescribed over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication to lessen the soreness of the arm.
  • Perform warm up such as stretching before playing for proper flow of blood in the area. A standard stretch routine includes arm swings, arm circles and stretches of the biceps, forearms and triceps.


  • Make the body properly conditioned before throwing or pitching competitively.
  • Proper warm up and stretching exercises before playing or throwing.
  • Maintain a year-round throwing program for maintenance of arm strength, flexibility, stamina and the normal range of motion.
  • Throw or pitch at reduced velocity at shorter distance when learning proper techniques or new pitches.
  • Limit the amount of throwing a pitcher during practices if player plays another position to lessen the amount of stress placed on the arm.
  • Dress properly during cold temperature especially when playing to prevent exhaustion.
  • Take plenty of fluids to prevent early dehydration and fatigue of muscles.
  • Give importance to the development of proper mechanics of pitching, control and accuracy especially young pitchers
  • Care for the arm does not stop after the game is over. Cool down to prevent the micro-bleeding in the tissues of muscle. Apply ice pack to the shoulder for at least 20 minutes. Wrap the ice a towel before placing to the area to prevent over-freezing.

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