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Treatment of elbow warts

Warts are tiny benign, harmless growths caused by a virus called human papillomavirus and can develop in any part of the skin, but usually on the feet, fingertips, scalp, arms, genitals and the elbow. The growths have well defined margins and common in children, but even adults can acquire the condition since it is transmittable in nature.

Warts are skin colored and have a surface that is rough or plain. They occur singly or in groups and vanish within six months without treatment. On the other hand, some warts continue to grow up to 1-2 years in some individuals.

A wart that becomes enlarged and painful requires proper treatment if it is positioned on exposed parts of the body such as the elbow, under the nails and the face.

Causes of elbow warts

Elbow warts

The skin found around the elbows, hands and knees are susceptible to injuries and allows the virus a chance to enter these injury sites.

The skin found around the elbows, hands and knees are susceptible to injuries and allows the virus a chance to enter these injury sites. People with low immunity against HPV or human papilloma virus and children whose immune systems are not yet well developed face a higher risk of acquiring the infection. Individuals suffering from immunodeficiency diseases are also susceptible to become infected by this virus and develop elbow warts or in other exposed parts of the body.

Treatment and home remedies of elbow warts

  • Take over-the counter gels and pads that are filled with medicine. These are directly applied to the warts since it works by drying up the warts and eventually falls off after a few applications.
  • The application of liquid nitrogen is also helpful in getting rid of warts which are sprayed on the surface of the warts. It works by freezing the affected area of the wart. Take note that the virus cannot survive and eventually the wart falls off after a few applications.
  • Apply castor oil at least two to three times in a day over the wart on the elbow for a week or two until the wart disappears.
  • Another way in treating elbow wart is by rubbing a banana peel directly over the wart.
  • Elbow warts can also be treated by using essential oils such as tea tree oil or lemon oil
  • Apply an adhesive duct tape over the wart for a few days. The moisture within the duct tape creates an unfavorable environment for the virus inside the wart and within a few days of its application, the wart will just dry up and shrink and while removing the tape, the wart will just stick to it.
  • Apply thuja tincture over the wart for a few days so that it will disappear. Take note that thuja tincture can also be taken orally but requires proper assessment by a doctor.

With the help of these measures, you can effectively deal with an elbow wart. If in doubt, it is best to consult a doctor for proper assessment of the wart and suitable removal options.

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