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This website is designed to help candidates select and register for St Mark James first aid courses and a variety of other workplace approved and safety courses. We help to outline all the available first aid training that is offered by St Mark James Training and supplies and other first aid providers such as the Lifesaving Society, Heart and Stroke foundation and St. Johns Ambulance.  For more information about us, our first aid course teaching locations and detailed information about the available first aid courses to you select from the topics available on our menu bar or our sidebar.

First aid and CPR training can mean the difference between life or death for a loved one, family member, friend, co-worker or stranger. Taking a first aid or CPR course will give you the skills you need to handle almost any emergency and determine the difference between life threatening scenario’s and the scenarios’ that are not. Many occasions have occurred where people had died or suffered permanent injuries because they were not aided by trained first aiders or because nobody knew that the symptoms warranted a phone call to emergency medical services. Cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks, stroke and angina are the number 1 killer of Canadians. By taking a first aid course candidates will learn to recognize and treat victims of cardiovascular disease and many other first aid emergencies.

Take a “Hands-on” First Aid Course:

It is important that candidates undergo a “hands-on” course. Learning first aid and CPR does not only include a knowledge component, it also includes a skills component. Without the help of a trained first aid instructor and practise on mannequins and with the proper equipment candidates are very limited to what they can learn. To receive credible certification candidates must attend a course with a credible provider. On-line courses can teach students the knowledge component behind first aid and CPR, however, without “hands on” experience students will fail to learn the skills. Take a first aid course through St Mark James, which is the largest provider of high quality first aid and CPR training. St Mark James has been the leader of “Hands on” first aid and CPR training in Canada for over 20 years.

Selecting the Appropriate Course:

Canadians have the option of selecting from a variety of different first aid and CPR courses and to further make things more confusing, Canadians have a variety of providers and then a variety of training partners to choose from. We hope to make the selection process easier for you and hope to guide you to the best provider and training partner near you. The following is a list of the different first aid courses available to you in Canada:

List of Available First Aid Courses:

Standard / Intermediate

This is the most comprehensive first aid course that we offer. It is a 16 hour course that includes CPR training. CPR training included can be CPR level “C” or CPR level HCP (Health Care provider) / also known as basic life support (BLS). Standard First Aid, which is also referred to as intermediate first aid, also includes AED training. Each intermediate / standard course includes AED training and is included in the certification. For a detail list of of first aid topics covered in this course select the standard / intermediate first aid course from the menu bar or side bar.  St Mark James Training certification card is valid for 3 years.

Emergency  / Basic

This is one of the most popular first aid classes offered by St Mark James. This course includes basic first aid training and basic CPR. CPR level “C” can be offered with this course, however, typically CPR level “A” is offered with emergency / basic first aid. AED training is part of the curriculum and the certification card, upon completion of the course, will include CPR and AED training / certification. This is a 8 hour course that is usually offered within one day. St Mark James certification card is valid for 3 years.


Childcare first aid is only provided by St Mark James. This is a 8 hour course that is typically completed within one day. Candidates learn CPR level “B” which involves CPR for children and adults. Candidates will also receive AED training. First aid training in this course is centers around childcare emergencies. Upon successful completion of this course candidates will receive St Mark James childcare first aid, CPR “B” and AED certification. Certification card / ticket is valid for 3 years.


St Mark James offers workplace emergency first aid (WEFA) courses that are equivalent to occupational first aid. These courses, cover topics such as injury reports and workplace claims. This first aid course is 8 hours in length. It includes CPR and AED training. Upon completion of the course candidates will receive a St Mark James workplace emergency first aid certificate that is valid for three years.


To register for first aid courses select the location tab to select your location or select your desired course from the menu bar or side bar and select your location by course type.

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