Standard First Aid Re-Certification

Managing a Patient With Multiple Fractures on the Arm with Standard First Aid Re-Certification
Get hands on training by taking standard first aid and CPR re-certification courses with St Mark James

We offer St Mark James standard first aid recertifications. This is for candidates looking to recertify a previously award standard first aid certificate. This course takes approximately half the time a full course takes and costs significantly less. All of the same materials are covered from the full standard first aid course, however, they are covered in a condensed format. Recertification also includes CPR and AED training. Course focus will be on material that candidates need strengthening and on new standards and implementations into the first aid and CPR program. Candidates that successfully complete the course will receive a St Mark James certification award that is valid for 3 years. All certificates issued through the St Mark James for basic first aid courses may meet government and legislative standards for your area. To register for a standard first aid re-certification course select your location from the main menu or side menu to be directed to a St Mark James provider in your area.

Prerequisites for Standard First Aid Re-Certification Courses:

In order to take a St Mark James standard first aid re-certification candidates must meet the following re-certification requirements.

1. To qualify for this renewal course candidates are required to have a current  standard first aid certificate from a recognized provider (except in Ontario). Candidates who have previously certified with one of the following providers are eligible for a standard first aid recertification course.

  • St Mark James
  • Lifesaving Society
  • SAFE First Aid
  • St. Johns Ambulance
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation

If your previous provider is not listed here, contact us via email or phone and we will determine your eligibility for a re-certification. Participants looking to enrol in standard first aid re-certification courses in Ontario must have received previous certification via a St Mark James provider. Certificates awarded from other providers are not eligible for re-certification in Ontario.

2. Candidates must have taken a previous standard first aid certification or re-certification course within the past 3 years. If the candidate has not taken a standard first aid course or a recertification course within the past 3 years he or she will not be eligible for a recertification.

3. The previous certification or re-certification award must have been issued in Canada. Certificates are nationally accredited but not internationally. Candidates that have previously completed a award in another country must re-take the full course.

Prerequisites for re-certification courses vary for each province. Contact one of our local providers to ensure that you meet the requirements in your area.


Candidates that successfully complete this re-certification course will receive a St Mark James standard first aid, CPR and AED certificate that is valid for 3 years. Courses meet government and legislative standards for your region. Certificates are nationally accredited and valid throughout Canada. Candidates may be required to renew certification at a earlier date based on employer or school policy.

Course Cost:

The cost of a standard first aid re-certification course is approximately 70.00.  Course fee ranges based on location. Course fee includes taxes and St Mark James certification fee.

Additional Information:

Candidates must bring previous certification card and previous first aid manual. Please dress comfortably when attending course.


To register for a standard first aid re-certification select your location from one of the menu’s. Once you have selected your location you will be directed to a St Mark James training provider in your region. We only partner with the highest quality and most competitively priced providers in your region.

Private Standard First Aid Re-Certifications:

All of our training providers offer private standard first aid renewal courses. To book or schedule a renewal course select your location from one of the menu’s and contact the provider. They will happy to assist and schedule a course for you or your business.


We are proudly partnered with St Mark James first aid providers throughout Canada that offer Standard first aid, CPR and AED re-certification courses. We have training centres in Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, Kelowna, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Hamilton and Ottawa. We partner with only the highest quality St Mark James training providers in Canada. For more information about our standard first aid renewal course providers select your location from the side or main menu.

Course Length:

The length of  a standard first aid re-certification is approximately 8 hours. The length of the re-certification course varies depending on your provincial regulations. Visit the location page of your choosing to find out more information about provincial requirements and legislation for standard first aid re-certifications in your area.


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