First Aid FAQ’s

This page is dedicated to the frequently asked questions to first aid and CPR providers. These answers and questions were put together by all of our training partners located throughout Canada. Our training providers are located in Vancouver, Saskatoon, Regina, Surrey, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary, Kelowna and Ottawa.  Hopefully we can answer and question that you have.

What is the difference between all of the providers?

All of the providers offer almost all of the same course. The programs are almost identical. Certification awards meet government legislation standards. Course fee’s and instructors are different per course and location.

How long is the certification valid for?

Certificates are valid for 3 years. However, candidates may be required to attend a refresher course at a earlier date based on employee or school policy. Annual CPR renewal is recommended.

What should I wear to my course?

Wear comfortable clothing. You will be moving around and working from your knees.

Should I bring a snack?

Providers and instructors do not provide food. Bring a snack or lunch if you do not wish to buy food.

Can the course be shorter?

No, instructors and providers are mandated to teach the course and course content within a set period of time. Regardless of class size, course content must be met.

What is the maximum number of candidates per course?

One instructor can teach a maximum of 18 candidates. However, if the course has 18 candidates, each students must have his or her own mannequin to work with.

Do I have to do any homework for first aid and CPR training?

Most courses do not require any homework prior to the start of the class. Ask your training provider if they require you to complete any additional homework.

Can I take a certificate from another provider, like the Lifesaving Society, and have it recertified by the St Mark James?

Yes you can, as long as you meet all of the prerequisites for the refresher course.

How often does the CPR or first aid program change?

Changes to the CPR or first aid program come into effect approximately every 5 years.

Will I receive AED certification?

Yes, all of the courses offered through the St Mark James offer candidates certificates with AED certification.