First Aid Courses in Windsor

Windsor First Aid in Windsor, Ontario is a first aid training service provider and St Mark James affiliate. Since it was established, it has been providing the best first aid training in the area. As more and more schools and register onlineworkplaces are requiring first aid certification, more and more students have been choosing Windsor First Aid to enrol at. Windsor First Aid offers potential trainees a large selection of training programs, classes, and topics at very affordable rates. Students can find a class schedule that fits their needs because of the large selection of classes offered. You can visit the Windsor First Aid website for a full list.

Windsor First Aid Training Center

Pediatric training mannequin

Pediatric training mannequin

Signing up

On the Windsor First Aid website, you can find registration form for easy sign up. Any requests sent through the form will be attended to during business hours. Potential students can also sign up from e-mail or telephone call, as well as walk-ins. If you plan on calling or enrolling in person, be sure to conduct your request during business hours. Windsor First Aid offers the most number of ways to enrol compared to other providers.

Settling program fees

Sometimes, students get easily distracted from training because of their concern over additional expenses beyond the tuition fee. However, Windsor First Aid requires all trainees to settle all fees before training. The total fees include taxes, certificates, registration fees, and training manuals. You’ll find that Windsor First Aid is the cheapest compared to other providers. If the student decides to drop out of a program, he or she is still entitled to a full reimbursement as long as the staff is notified at least 72 hours beforehand.

Epinephrine Pen Autoinjector

Epinephrine Pen Autoinjector

Overview on training

First aid training is 14-16 hours throughout the week. Classes are available even during evenings and weekends. The first aid curriculum is primarily focused on skill development, spending a lot of class hours practicing skills on quality training equipment. Aside from basic skills like wound care and bandaging, different diseases and health conditions are also included in training such as hypertension and diabetes.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is also included in the first aid program but stand-alone classes for CPR are also available. There are three levels, lasting 4, 5, and 6 hours long respectively. A and C are for training who are first timers and HCP is target mainly towards health care providers.

Private training

Windsor First Aid also offers students the choice of training privately in the comfort of their own home. Instructors are available with hourly rates and a set of schedules that you can request through phone call and have it e-mailed to you. They can also be hired for events like seminars and conferences for companies and schools. Similarly, big groups of trainees can request for a private class.

Certification and Renewals

A student it required to have attended all classes, gotten at 75 percent on the written exam, and demonstrate good first aid skills to pass the training program. Certificate cards (wall-sized) are given upon passing a program. Bigger certificates can be requested.  All certificates are valid for three years during which they may be renewed. Recertification is available at least twice a week. Renewing first aid certificates varies on the type of course, skill level of the participants and number of participants. Ensure that you meet the required prerequisites prior to registering for a re-certification course in Windsor, Ontario.

On-line Registration for First Aid Training in Windsor

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