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Important Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Never Ignore These Heart Attack Facts According to the website of Government of Canada, 1.37 million Canadians suffer from heart attack annually and 49,000 die from them. It is considered as one of the leading causes of mortality in the country, and the most devastating finding is that these deaths occur outside the hospital. This only means that heart attack-related deaths happen even before an individual ...

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Understanding the Meaning of Chain of Survival

Background to Chain of Survival Increasing the chance of survival of an individual that has gone cardiac arrest is an important goal of treatment. But this cannot be achieved if prompt first aid and CPR will not be performed to the victim. This is how the chain of survival came into existence. If you have ever attended a CPR or a first aid course, then you will likely have an idea about what chain of surviv ...

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Mouth to Mouth CPR

First aid and CPR course and re-certification standards change approximately every 5 years. These changes are recommended through a large statistics and research group called the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). A lot of focus in the past few years has been on compression only CPR. This strong focus on compression only CPR has cause many instructors and rescuers to sway away from mo ...

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