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A chilblain is a skin disorder during winter season which is a mild type of frostbite. It is a painful and itchy inflammation that develops on the hands, feet and ears and this disorder happens only during cold weather conditions. It is caused by the reduced circulation of blood in the area and there is a need of rinsing the hands and feet using warm water when affected by this condition. [su_youtube url="h ...

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Snake bite basics

There are two types of snakes – venomous and non-venomous. It is important to remember that venomous snake bites are often life-threatening that requires immediate medical attention. Non-venomous snake bites, however, still need first aid assistance because it the victim could become at risk for infection. Although most North American snakes are non-venomous, there are exceptions to these including the ratt ...

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When to Call for Emergency Assistance

                Oftentimes, when an emergency situation arises, people often panic and don’t know what to do. Calling for emergency medical services during a medical emergency can often be disorienting and overwhelming, but whether a person is a good caller can make an impact on being able to get help rapidly or maybe not even at all. The following tips are for information purposes only. To learn more about ...

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Approaching a Victim of an Accident

Emergency Medical Services consider the first hour after an accident as the “Golden Hour.” The chances of survival and the outcome of the victim greatly depend on the emergency care rendered during this critical hour. Qualified medical professionals are really the ones who should handle everything, but until they arrive, a trained first aider can do so much to help the victim. If you find yourself in an acc ...

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First Aid for Animal bites

An animal bite can be very infectious; therefore you should seek medical help, promptly. An animal bite may give rise to rabies if a non-immunized pet or a stray animal such a dog, bat, skunk, fox or raccoon bites you. Frequent cases of animal bites include those caused by domestic pets; therefore, it is ideal that you get your pet vaccinated. Symptoms A bruise or a puncture wound Breakage of the skin [capt ...

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