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Low back pain

Low back pain or lumbar pain is a usual disorder that involves nerves, muscles and bones of the back. Generally, pain varies from a dull constant ache to a sudden sharp feeling. It may depend on the span of time as acute, sub-chronic or chronic that lasts more than 12 weeks. In addition, the symptoms may usually improve within a few weeks from the time it started. Pain in the low back is a result of illness ...

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How to manage chest pain

Chest pain is a pain that can be felt in the area of chest from the shoulder level to the bottom of ribs. It can be hard to diagnose the specific reason of chest pain without bringing out some tests and surveys. It can indicate sometimes serious underlying conditions. Any persisting pain should be discussed with your doctor. Chest pain can be a symptom to heart attack. ...

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Upper back pain

The upper back is composed of the thoracic spine, two scapulas, ribs and muscles that are connected to it. Pain in the back is called thoracic pain where the thoracic is located. It affects the area between the neck and the lower back. [su_youtube url=""] Upper back pain can be severe or happens gradually and can be mild to moderate or can be severe which will depe ...

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First Aid for Breast Pain

Breast pain refers to any form of discomfort in the underlying tissue, skin or nipple of a woman’s breast. Mild forms of discomfort or pain may be caused by tiny benign tumors, whereas severe breast pain may be a sign for infections such as mastitis or injuries. A woman with breast pain may feel breast lumps on her breast along with nipple discharge and pain. Treatment often depends on the underlying cause ...

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