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Spinal Injuries And How To Respond To Them

The Emergency You stumble upon an individual on the ground and there is a ladder that has fallen nearby. [caption id="attachment_1176" align="alignright" width="300"] You come across a casualty that could have a spinal injury. Would you know what to do?[/caption] What To Do? Check the Scene and the Casualty As a first aider, what can you do to help this person?  The first and most important thing to do is t ...

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Taking First Aid Courses for Self-improvement

Because of the fact that taking first aid courses require time and money, many opt not to sign up for these courses unless they are required by their employers or by their current situation. What they do not realize is that these courses can also promote self-improvement due to its medical and social nature. Here are some of the ways that first aid courses can lead towards self-improvement. New skills will ...

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Taking First Aid Courses to Manage MMT

According to the Canadian Public Health Association, Methadone Maintenance Treatment or MMT is highly safe and effective for patients who have developed dependence towards opioids. It is the goal of this treatment to rehabilitate opioid abusers and eventually achieve a normal life. However, recent studies show that taking first aid courses important for individuals who are taking care of or surrounded by pe ...

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Pharmacology in First Aid Courses: Medications for the Airway

There are times where in administering medications is the only way to clear the airway of the afflicted individual especially if the airway blockage is caused by a specific medical condition. However, this does not mean that first aid rescuers have no part in the process. In occasions wherein the afflicted individual cannot take the medicine on his or her own or there are no healthcare professionals around, ...

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