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Mosquito Bites at Home

Mosquito bites are described as itchy bumps that seem to appear after mosquitos use their mouthparts to puncture the skin and feed of blood. The bump normally disappears on its own in a few days. Sometimes it causes a large area of swelling, redness and soreness. It is commonly found among children. Bites from mosquitoes are carrying some viruses or parasites that ...

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Managing Painful Menstrual Period

Dysmenorrhea or painful period is a common menstrual disorder that causes pain during menstruation. It is also known as menstrual cramps. It usually initiates around the time that menstruation begins. It happens less often in those who exercise regularly, also to those who have children early in life. It is projected to occur in 20% to 90% of women of reproductive age. ...

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Taking First Aid Courses to Manage MMT

According to the Canadian Public Health Association, Methadone Maintenance Treatment or MMT is highly safe and effective for patients who have developed dependence towards opioids. It is the goal of this treatment to rehabilitate opioid abusers and eventually achieve a normal life. However, recent studies show that taking first aid courses important for individuals who are taking care of or surrounded by pe ...

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Approaching a Victim of an Accident

Emergency Medical Services consider the first hour after an accident as the “Golden Hour.” The chances of survival and the outcome of the victim greatly depend on the emergency care rendered during this critical hour. Qualified medical professionals are really the ones who should handle everything, but until they arrive, a trained first aider can do so much to help the victim. If you find yourself in an acc ...

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How to Handle a Choking Emergency

Seeing someone choking is one of the most frightening things you will ever see.  Some people fall into shock, others panic while others have a severe sense of helplessness. The victim is typically incredibly distraught and scared. By taking a first aid and / or CPR course through a credible provider you learn to manage and recognize emergency scenarios like choking. This subject falls under the airway emerg ...

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